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Technology solutions for all your dealership needs Simplify the complicated " I get a comfort level using the compliance product from Dealertrackā€¦ I know I'm being protected." Lou Bregou Director of Operations, Driver's Village The promise of dealership technology is to make car buying easier and smoother, leaving employees happier and customers satisfied. However, that promise depends on systems working together and strong provider support. At Dealertrack, we keep that promise every day. Our integrated technology software simplifies the complicated and is backed by unmatched support. From your DMS to F&I through Registration and Titling, here are the ways that Dealertrack solutions deliver a better overall customer and employee experience: Flexible & supported business operations The DMS is a critical part of your business and touches every aspect of your operations. A system that can't adapt to fit your workflows, is difficult to use, or is not highly supported, will negatively affect employee morale, your profit potential and the customer experience. A flexible system like the Dealertrack DMS that comes already equipped with dedicated support allows you to run your business how you want with personalized assistance every step of the way. When your dealership runs like a well-oiled machine, employee turnover goes down, customer satisfaction goes up, and you reap the financial rewards. Quick & compliant deal workflow Today's customers demand a quick and accurate deal process from start to finish. However, no dealership can afford to prioritize speed over compliance. A digital workflow with compliance built into every step gives customers a faster process while protecting your customers, your dealership, and your bottom-line. Dealertrack offers a complete and compliant workflow from pulling credit through contracting and signing, and beyond. With the largest and fastest growing lender network in North America, more than 190 aftermarket provider partners, and complete DMS and CRM integrations, your dealership can handle each step of the deal efficiently, seamlessly, and in record time. Fast & fluid deal completion A slow or inaccurate manual registration and title process can sour a previously great customer experience, negatively affecting CSI and your dealership reputation. Dealertrack's suite of electronic reg and title solutions speed transactions and reduce costs from trade-ins to vehicles sold. With 20 state association endorsements across the U.S., only Dealertrack solutions allow you to submit in-state transactions in under 4 minutes 1 , release liens and titles up to 70 percent 2 faster to accelerate trade-in turn and simplify cross-border deals with a seamless connection to every DMV across the country. DMS integrations also facilitate direct data import to reduce the need for data re-entry and mitigate inaccurate or incomplete documents. The Dealertrack difference Backed by the power of Cox Automotive, Dealertrack's easy-to-use digital solutions integrate seamlessly across departments to speed transactions, reduce costs, and deliver compliance confidence. We are a true partner in your success. From proactive system support to knowing the retail automotive industry and its challenges inside and out, we simplify the complicated so you can focus on what matters most: your customers. Simplify the complicated today. Schedule a no-obligation call with your regional sales manager to discuss how Dealertrack can meet all your technology needs. 1 Dealertrack User Timing Report through Google Analytics 1/1/21 to 12/31/21. 2 Based on average industry timeframe for vehicle title release and vehicle payoff process of 18+ days, as determined by 2022 Dealertrack data Ā® Registration & Title Solutions

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