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possession to avoid any potential ownership pitfalls, calculate a reliable payoff, and get the title released in as quickly as four to six days. That's 70 percent faster 2 than the standard payoff and release time. The result? Turn trade-ins faster, realize fuller profits, and help ensure they flow straight back to your bottom line. Partner with change-management experts Any operational change requires a partner, not a vendor. Dealertrack is a proven partner in providing unmatched solution support and training. Our implementation team will get your back office up and running fast with any new solutions, while on-site and online training are easily available whether a staff member is new to reg and title processing or just needs a quick refresher. Positive change for proven results Reg and title solutions for fast and fluid deal completion " It's very simple: if I'm paying for something When it comes to switching from paper registration and title processes to digital solutions, some dealerships have a hard time letting go of familiar workflows. Change can be hard. We say it often; we hear it often; and after a while, we may end up believing it. However, with the right solutions partner, embracing digital registration and title solutions is a positive change. Especially when you consider that you're saying goodbye to the expense, disruption, and inconvenience inherent in a paper-based process. Dealers who've made the switch report consistent satisfaction in two key areas: Faster deal completion When you change to digital processes, completing deals is faster and more fluid for your back office. Title clerks can process in-state transactions in under 4 minutes 1 while eliminating costly manual paperwork and processes that slow down deals. Cross- border deals are also simplified with RegUSA, our 50-state reg and title solution backed by professional deal audit services. Electronic reg and title solutions enable documents to be completed online and submitted directly to the DMV. Integration with your DMS means much of the customer and vehicle information comes directly from earlier stages of the deal process. Pre-populated fields dramatically reduce data entry errors, eliminate re-keying that slows down your team, and help get customers out the door quickly. Healthy cash flow Trade-in vehicles can be a reliable source of cash flow for dealerships. Yet, manual payoff processing and title release is time-consuming and steals valuable time away from your remarketing window of profitability. Holding costs for vehicles in title release limbo can add up quickly and tank your bottom line. A digital payoff and title release solution like Accelerated Title allows you to gain insight into title details before you take and not getting the results I want, I'm ready to change – and I like change, especially if it's positive." Frankie Arredondo General Manager, Delano Chevrolet Buick GMC Change doesn't have to be hard Staying up to date with technology shouldn't be an added burden. Digitizing your reg and title process helps maximize deal completion efficiency, fuel your bottom line, and allow your staff to focus on what matters most: your customers. Schedule a no-obligation call with your regional sales manager to discuss how Dealertrack solutions can help you make a positive change. 1 Dealertrack User Timing report through Google Analytics 1/1/21 to 12/31/21. 2 Based on average industry timeframe for vehicle title release and vehicle payoff process of 18+ days, as determined by 2022 Dealertrack data. ® Registration & Title Solutions

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