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The Power of One | Cox Automotive Best Practices to get your out-of state deal moving through the DMV: • Verify the registrant's name entered in RegUSA in Critical Deal Information matches the signatures on the deal paperwork. For example, if the registrant signs as John M. Doe on the Bill of Sale, LPOA, etc., enter John M. Doe, not John Doe. • Limited Power of Attorney must be submitted with each deal — best method is to use the Limited Power of Attorney available within RegUSA within the checklist. • When submitting the Limited Power of Attorney form it must be all typed or handwritten, it cannot be both. If it is typed, only the signatures may be handwritten. • Check to see if your customer has a compliance issue with the state they want to registering in. Delinquent taxes, unpaid parking tickets, neglecting to update residence address at the DMV and other compliance issues will result in the deal being rejected by the DMV. • The Bill of sale document must be original. Best policy is to have the registrant sign the bill of sale as it may be required by some states. • Make sure the insurance cards match all the deal paperwork and the document you send RegUSA needs — Screenshots are not acceptable. RegUSA ® Successful Submission Tips Registration & Title Solutions

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