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The Power of One | Cox Automotive RegUSA ® Successful Submission Tips: Proof of Identity • Remember to submit the front and back of the driver's license and must be legible. • As a best practice collect proof of residency for out-of-state license as it might be required in by the DMV. • Confirm your customer does not have any delinquent taxes, unpaid parking tickets, neglecting to update residence address at the DMV and other compliance issues will result in the deal being rejected by the DMV. If your customer has a compliance issue with the state they are registering in, it must be cleared before registration can be processed. Please refer to the checklist for what is needed when providing an out-of-state license. The rules sometimes change from state to state in this area. Did you know when it comes to proof of identity – using these small tips can make the difference of your deal being rejected from the DMV or having the deal placed on-hold: Registration & Title Solutions

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