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The Power of One | Cox Automotive xtime Dealertrack VinSolutions vAuto "Dealertrack F&I and Digital Contracting enable us to provide a fast experience and get the customer in and out of our dealership in no time," said Danny. "What used to take 2 hours now takes one." As a company that puts people first, Napleton Auto Group appreciates Cox Automotive's commitment to their dealership partners. Above and beyond the conveniences and advantages of the technologies alone, helpful sales reps and Performance Managers go out of their way to answer questions and provide key employee support. "If they don't have the answer to all my questions, they know someone who does," said Danny. "It's always easy to get an answer in the right amount of time in order for us to make quick decisions." With the help of connected Cox Automotive technologies, Napleton Auto Group continues to find success by taking care of their most important asset—people. Integrations between Dealertrack, Xtime, and VinSolutions improve ease-of-use and ensure a superior sales and service experience for customers and employees alike. Challenges Solutions Results Provide a convenient and transparent sales and service experience for customers. Find ways to improve workplace efficiency, productivity and satisfaction. Prioritize people with the help of technology. Leverage connected Cox Automotive technologies to streamline workflows and improve employee satisfaction. Take advantage of data integrations to save time and provide a more personalized customer experience. Prioritize people by providing a fast, efficient sales and service experience through connected Cox Automotive technologies. Service hours sold increased from 1.7 hours per RO to 2 hours per RO. Cut down in-dealership time for customers from two hours to one hour. Reduced training time for new employees and smoother workflows for experienced employees. To learn more about Dealertrack, visit

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