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5 Ways Electronic Reg and Title Solutions Lead to Happier Customers

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5 ways Electronic Reg and Title solutions lead to happier customers You know your customers best. We can help you meet their needs by delivering an exceptional reg and title customer experience that helps avoid some of the parts of the process that customers like the least. Whether you want to give your customers a more streamlined buying process, address their payment consciousness, help ensure a hassle-free trade-in experience, or maintain a wider selection of used inventory from trade-ins—we have you covered. Reg and title in under 4 minutes Today's customers want to be in and out of your dealership as fast as possible. You can simplify the purchase process with electronic tools that help you catch errors, drive accuracy, and complete and submit paperwork directly to the DMV in less than four minutes 1 . Customers are happier when you get the deal out the door faster – and that's reflected in higher CSI. Reassuring customers with consistent payments Cox Automotive's analysis of vAuto Available Inventory data at the end of the third quarter shows that vehicle supply remains well below historical norms, and prices are still far higher than in the past. To help make payment- conscious customers feel confident in their deal, you can work to ensure that their payment doesn't shift outside of their comfort zone. Adopting an electronic solution enables you to calculate reliable taxes and fees for the customer's city, state, and municipality all while keeping it aligned with the deal in your DMS. Serving every customer from any state Cox Automotive 2022 Car Buyer Journey research shows that the average buying radius for car shoppers has nearly doubled over the past four years to more than 89 miles. Customers are crossing state lines more often to purchase vehicles, and it's important to be prepared to handle their title and registration no matter what state they live in. A 50-state registration and title solution can help ensure that every customer finishes their deal positive note. Avoiding payoff surprises When it comes to ensuring a positive trade-in experience for customers, knowledge is power. It's important to avoid payoff surprises that can cause a deal to unravel – such as an ex-spouse on the title that the customer may not realize has a say in the trade. An insightful trade-in titling solution allows you to view full title details before accepting a trade so you can eliminate surprises and work to solve any issues before they become a problem. Increasing used vehicle selection for customers Finally, used vehicle shoppers want choices to find their best-fit vehicles. Trade-ins are a vital source of used inventory for dealerships, so maintaining that broad selection relies on getting those trades to the lot quickly. Yet it typically takes 18 or more days to get a lien release or clean title for vehicles taken in on trade. A trade-in titling solution can streamline and expedite payoffs and the lien and title release process up to 70 percent faster 2 to help keep more inventory on the lot for your customers to choose from. Dealers can use Dealertrack's suite of registration and title solutions to help deliver exceptional customer experiences. Schedule a no-obligation demo today to learn more. 1 Dealertrack User Timing report through Google Analytics 1/1/21 to 12/31/21. 2 Based on average industry timeframe for vehicle title release and vehicle payoff process of 18+ days, as determined by 2021 Dealertrack data. ® Registration & Title Solutions

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