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"Can these solutions help solve inventory challenges? One thousand percent. In fixed operations...we control every transaction that comes into the store. So, if we're not on our game, utilizing the tools that we have through Xtime, then shame on us." Tom Wood Auto Streamlines Service and Operations with Xtime and Dealertrack DMS CASE STUDY: TOM WOOD AUTO Greeting service guests and generating repair orders was always a two-part process before implementing Xtime and Dealertrack DMS. Service technicians would use pen and paper to perform walkarounds, then input information (oftentimes more than once) into separate, disconnected systems. Now, service technicians use a tablet to complete walkarounds, take photos and video of possible repairs, write repair orders, and get customer sign off on repairs—all during the same service greeting. The benefits of integration extend beyond fixed ops efficiency alone. Because integrating technologies removes the need to learn multiple user interfaces, the auto group now onboards new hires, even from outside the industry, faster and more efficiently than ever. "The old system took weeks and months before you were comfortable," said Bill Demaree, Group Director of Fixed Ops at Tom Wood Automotive. "With the way we have systems now, we have employees up and running in less than a week." The group can now focus on continuous improvement. "I can track closing percentage of every service consultant I have, all the way down to how many brakes they offered on ASRs, did we attach media, and what was the closing ratio if we did," added Bill. The auto group also leverages the Xtime and Dealertrack DMS integration to solve ongoing vehicle inventory challenges. By alerting used car managers every time a customer declines repairs over a specific amount, the dealership can smartly source used vehicles through the service drive. By relying on Xtime and Dealertrack DMS integrations, Tom Wood Automotive is taking control of every transaction to boost repair orders and hours sold, while also solving ongoing industry challenges. In addition, Tom Wood Auto benefits from the expertise of their Performance Manager, an industry expert who helps them meet goals, exceed customer expectations, and find ways to leverage technology to stay ahead of industry changes. — William Demare Group Director of Fixed Operations, Tom Wood Auto With 13 stores in Indiana and Minnesota, Tom Wood Automotive is always looking for ways to improve efficiency. In 2020, the group decided to simplify, streamline, and take control of operations, so they turned to Cox Automotive and implemented fixed ops technology solution Xtime and Dealertrack DMS. The group was motivated by their need to generate more repair orders while delivering a better and more digital customer experience—all through the same connected technology, all at the same time.

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