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For more information, visit Challenges: • Ownership wanted a DMS that lived up to its promise to deliver a better experience. • Finding a DMS at the right price point that improved efficiency. • Keep customers satisfied and team members retention high. Solutions: • Improve employee morale and efficiency by switching to Dealertrack DMS. • Implement a DMS that prioritizes integration and connects the entire dealership ecosystem. • Dealertrack DMS is committed to working with dealerships to accomplish their goals. Results: • The switch to Dealertrack DMS was more streamlined than previous DMS switches. • Switching to Dealertrack DMS provided a superior and personal level of support. • Dealertrack DMS is easy to use, so onboarding is a breeze, retentions high, and employees are more efficient. A DMS WORTH SWITCHING FOR With four dealerships in the Muncie, Indiana, area, Greg Hubler Automotive is known as "the dealer who's different." True to their reputation, owners Greg and Heidi Hubler have created a strong culture of putting people first and treating customers as guests, with care and respect. By taking care of people, their belief is that business takes care of itself—a core value that manifests in high customer satisfaction and employee retention. This unconventional approach to car sales and service led the dealership to choose a new-to-market DMS that claimed to connect the entire dealership ecosystem. But only a few months after implementation, it became clear that the DMS wasn't living up to its promise. With impassioned feedback from their people, the dealership made the tough decision to make a second DMS switch in the same year—this time to Dealertrack DMS. A DMS That Makes a Difference The difference has been night and day. "Everyone is happy as can be," said Matt Lohmiller, VP of Operations at Greg Hubler Automotive. "Everybody was raising their hand to make the change … I was going to potentially be losing some team members if we stayed [with the other DMS] … and I couldn't have that. We had to make the change." Going through two DMS switches within a matter of months is never easy, but the experience allowed the auto group to compare DMS technologies and providers. By comparison, Dealertrack DMS has been much easier and more intuitive to use. The switch was more streamlined and the level of support provided by Dealertrack DMS "has been great, all around," said Matt. "Even after the implementation team has left, we have a Performance Manager we can reach out to anytime." For Greg Hubler Automotive, Dealertrack DMS has been a different kind of DMS. The change has enabled ownership and management to keep their promise of being a different kind of dealer—one that listens to team members, cares for customers, and prioritizes people. "We've got a lot of Cox [Automotive] products already. When you keep in the Cox family and you merge with third-party integrations, it is so much more streamlined and easier. I would tell people out there looking to make DMS changes, the best advice I can give is it's not always about the money. It's listening to your team." – Matt Lohmiller VP of Operations, Greg Hubler Automotive

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