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Start the New Year Strong, Resolve to Streamline your Back-Office Processes

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BROUGHT TO YOU BY DEALERTRACK REGISTRATION & TITLE Now is the time for new year's resolutions to make your dealership stronger in 2022. Here are three of them that can benefit your back office all year long. Boost your processing efficiency. Your auto registration and title solution should help you submit and process transactions quickly, with no compromise in accuracy or compliance. It starts with a direct connection to your DMS to reduce the re-keying of customer and vehicle information. Look for a solution that dramatically speeds submissions with built-in error-checking and integration with your local [DMV] to help ensure compliance and accuracy for every deal transaction. Dealertrack's state-integrated technology helps your back-office submit accurate, compliant transactions in less than 4 minutes on average. 1 Process out-of-state reg & title with ease. Out-of-state deals can be a challenge due to different states' reg & title processes. Each year this is becoming increasingly more important as car buyers continue to expand their car-buying radius, nearly doubling from an average of 45.9 miles in 2018 to 89.3 miles in 2020. 2 Any one of 200+ different state forms and 100+ sets of tax and fee requirements across the country could slow down the total transaction time to delivery. Dealerships utilizing our 50-state reg and title solution with support from our team of experts get the necessary guidance to keep them processing efficiently rather than getting lost in the myriad of processes in effect today. START THE NEW YEAR STRONG. RESOLVE TO STREAMLINE YOUR BACK-OFFICE PROCESSES. as determined by 2020 Dealertrack data Promote cash flow in this market with faster trade-in processing. Dealers are looking to pre-owned inventory sourcing to help ease their current supply chain woes. Trade-in turnover speed is aided by closing the processing gap to remarketing — both on your lot and at auction. In fact, you nearly double your chances of selling a car on the first pass at auction with a title in hand 3 which helps ensure cash flow and profitability. This year, implement an exclusive payoff and title release solution that replaces slow, manual efforts for trade-ins to get lien and title release up to 70% faster. 4 Our dealers are accelerating the payoff and lien and title release process for their trade-ins from 12-18+ days to only 4-6 days. 4 Include on your list of resolutions for 2022 implementing simple, quick, and efficient reg and title solutions for processing typical in-state transactions, those that span state borders, or trade-in title release. Schedule a no-obligation demo to discuss how these solutions can meet your goals for the new year. 1 Dealertrack In-state Registration and Title Solution User Data Google Analytics 11.1.19 – 10.31.20 2 2020 Cox Automotive Car Buyer Journey Research 3 2018 (1.6X) Manheim Articles "Impact of Delayed Titles at Auction" 4 Based on average industry timeframe for vehicle title release and vehicle payoff process of 18+ days, PAYOFF AND TITLE RELEASE 70 % FASTER 4 ALL-IN-ONE PROCESS FOR STATES 50 4 MINUTES 1 SUBMIT TRANSACTIONS IN UNDER YOUR NEW YEAR'S REGISTRATIONS 1. Increase my submission speed 2. Process out-of-state deals easier 4. MINIMIZE PAPER ProcessEs 3. Remarket trade-ins quicker

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