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The Gift That Keeps on Giving - Crossing Reg & Title Challenges off your List

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BROUGHT TO YOU BY DEALERTRACK REGISTRATION & TITLE Too many giant bows, not enough vehicles to put them on Vehicle supply continues to be very tight as we finish out the year, so many dealerships are turning to trade-ins to support their used car programs. That leads to some challenges on the way to resale, but if you treat your dealership to a trade-in titling solution, you can enjoy these advantages all year long: • Avoiding surprises no one wants When you gift your staff with trade-in titling technology, it comes with the ability to view full title details ahead of accepting a trade. This helps avoid surprises like undisclosed co-owners that could lead to resale issues. • Speeding lien and title release Eliminating manual processes in favor of a trade-in titling solution can accelerate payoff and title and lien release for trade-ins from 12-18+ days to as little as 4-6 days. 1 • Accelerating inventory turn and cash flow Faster lien and title release means you can confidently re-sell trades sooner on your lot or at auction. In fact, you nearly double your chances of selling a car on first pass at auction with a title in hand. 2 Either way, it helps you keep cash flow moving. Getting your deals out the door Day in and day out, your back-office staff needs to submit and process registration and title transactions quickly, with no compromise in accuracy or compliance. The right reg and title solution can gift them with: • Improved accuracy and compliance DMS integration reduces re-keying of customer and vehicle information, while built-in error checking and integration with your local DMV helps ensure compliance for every transaction. • Faster processing and submission A streamlined process that's integrated with the state systems means you can submit accurate, compliant transactions in less than 4 minutes on average. 3 Welcoming your out-of-state customers Car buyers have been steadily increasing their buying radius over THE GIFT THAT KEEPS ON GIVING CROSSING REG & TITLE CHALLENGES OFF YOUR LIST the past three years, nearly doubling from an average of 45.9 miles in 2018 to 89.3 miles in 2020. 4 That means adopting the right 50-state registration and title solution is more of a need than a luxury these days, to help your dealership offer high-level reg and title service for every customer, including: Guidance through every deal An electronic checklist provides instructions specific to each deal, guiding you to provide ONLY the information needed for each specific customer. Reliable deal comparisons Compare deal scenarios side by side, including state-specific taxes and fees updated in real-time, to drive the best deal forward for the customer. Complete deals for customers from any state Easily navigate complex registrations, handle unique state requirements like taxes, forms and fees, and submit transactions to the proper DMV. Give your dealership the gift of speed and efficiency Whether a typical in-state transaction, one that spans state borders, or releasing a trade-in title — the act of processing registration and title documents should be simple, quick, and help ease the overall supply chain issues at hand. Schedule a no-obligation demo to discuss how these solutions can fit into your stocking and delivery best practices. 1 Based on average industry timeframe for vehicle title release and vehicle payoff process of 18+ days, as determined by Dealertrack data. 2 2014 (2X) & 2018 (1.6X) Manheim Articles "Impact of Delayed Titles at Auction". 3 Dealertrack In-state Registration and Title Solution User Data Google Analytics 11.1.19 – 10.31.20 4 2020 Cox Automotive Car Buyer Journey Research TRADE TITLES 70 % FASTER ALL-IN-ONE PROCESS FOR 50 STATES 4 MINUTES SUBMIT TRANSACTIONS IN UNDER

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