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The One-Two Punch of Efficient Registration and Title Processing for Dealerships

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THE ONE-TWO PUNCH OF EFFICIENT REGISTRATION AND TITLE PROCESSING FOR DEALERSHIPS There has never been a more critical time to seek out time- and money–saving opportunities in every facet of your operation. Although it might not be the first area that comes to mind, do not overlook title processing. Why? Because making your back-office processes more efficient can help address post-shutdown work backlogs and help you take advantage of more opportunities to sell to out-of-state buyers who find you via your digital retailing initiatives. To reduce costs and increase margin, look at the technology solutions that can make a title clerk's work faster and easier — all while keeping up with compliance in your state and beyond. Let's look at how today's title processing technology can fight against each of those challenges. The First Punch As dealerships continue to deal with the fallout from COVID restrictions — including possible short-staffing — your back office may be faced with titling work that piled up while DMVs limited their services or were closed. Add current sales to the workload and the stress intensifies. By providing your back-office staff with an electronic title processing solution, your dealership can step into the role of DMV, processing motor vehicle transactions online from your office, in real-time. Plus, some digital solutions are intuitive enough for any staff member to use and efficient enough to tackle batch import processing while finalizing deals. Using a technology solution for processing motor vehicle transactions from the dealership's office is a boon for productivity, eliminating phone calls, faxing and in-person runners to the state bureau. The Second Punch We've seen year over year increases in cross-border deals nationwide as online shopping has taken hold, but in recent months this trend has intensified as dealerships implement more digital retailing tools to help them facilitate virtual sales. Dealerships wishing to take advantage of the opportunities that digital retailing tools send their way can be stymied by the 51 unique state motor vehicle jurisdictions, ~100 distinct sets of taxes and fees, ~250 unique forms, and approximately 300 different registration and title transactions possible for deals across the country. Electronic solutions can help take the guesswork out of processing these state- and county-specific deals with a guided interface that customizes each unique transaction and automates a deal-specific checklist of requirements and instructions that help ensure every customer is handled more efficiently. Get Your Back-Office In Shape for Any Challenge When choosing technology providers to help keep your business on track, don't forget to optimize your registration and titling processes as well. Some providers continually innovate and improve processing workflows with input from dealerships. Get to know them and meet today's titling challenges head-on, increasing efficiency and cash flow for your dealership's back office to ultimately improve your bottom line. Set up a free, no obligation personal trainer session with one of our registration and title processing experts. BROUGHT TO YOU BY DEALERTRACK REGISTRATION AND TITLE

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