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Clear titles in as fast as 4-6 days Don't wait. Accelerate. Accelerated Title – Trade-in Titling Clearing titles usually takes two weeks or longer, but with Dealertrack Accelerated Title ® you can get them up to 70% faster.¹ Less hassle. Faster turn. More profit opportunity. 1 Based on average industry timeframe for vehicle title release and vehicle payoff process of 18+ days, as determined by 2022 Dealertrack data. 2 2018 (1.6X) Manheim Articles "Impact of Delayed Titles at Auction" Experience the difference S P E E D O F I N V E N T O R Y T U R N S E C U R I N G D E A L S B A C K O F F I C E E F F I C I E N C Y M A N UA L P R O C E S S D I G I T A L P R O C E S S ( A C C E L E R A T E D T I T L E ) ( T R A D I T I O N A L ) Preview title details See full lien and title details prior to accepting the trade, avoiding payoff surprises to prevent deals from unraveling. Receive clean titles Submit payoff to lenders and gain lien satisfaction and title in hand. Obtain payoff amounts Calculate immediate and reliable payoff amounts in real-time. Electronic payment submission Pay lenders digitally via ACH. Real-time status reporting Auction ready Realize profit opportunity Maximize cash flow 12-18 days or more Phone calls required In as fast as 4-6 days (70% faster 1 ) Nearly double your chances of first pass sale Digitally available on-demand 2 View online status updates for trade-in lien satisfication and titles 24/7. Opportunity to maximize cash flow by reducing holding cost and improving turn. Turn off the blue light at auction with title in hand. Opportunity to realize full profit opportunity on every trade-in. $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ LESS likely | MORE likely* $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ LESS likely | MORE likely* * Due to title in hand. Discover more and sign up for a demo at

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