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For more information, visit Challenges: • The onboarding process was slow and cumbersome, primarily paper-driven, and dependent on people to complete each task. • Time-cards could take up to a full day (8 hours) to manually correct and fix if something was inaccurate. • Centralized accounting in the auto group required other dealership locations to provide and sign-off on payroll every time it was processed. The legacy payroll tool lacked a reporting process and app that allowed remote stores to communicate. Results: • New employees now spend their first day doing their actual jobs, instead of filling out paperwork. • Timekeeping is now more robust, with fewer errors, freeing up time for employees to spend on other tasks. • Remote sign-off of 250-plus team members' time cards can take place through the Payroll application. • Tech Time and complex reporting is all managed through Integrated Payroll. Solutions: • Find a human resources tool that allows new hires and managers to do much of the process on home computers. • Implement technology that could process timecards and handle different employee types across multiple stores. • Facilitate communication within the tool to better manage reporting and approvals. with new Integrated Payroll Technology/ HR Management by Netchex LAWLEY AUTO GROUP SOLVES MULTIPLE CHALLENGES By virtue of their very positions, accounting managers and controllers are problem solvers. They overcome obstacles and rally dealership resources to pay people on time, keep their businesses in compliance, and get the job done right. Fortunately, Neal Jackson likes solving problems. As the head controller and accounting manager for Lawley Auto Group, a multi-state, multi-location dealership headquartered in Sierra Vista, Arizona, Jackson was searching for a simple solution to his overly complex payroll, human resources, and onboarding processes. And, as it turns out, solving complex problems can be as simple as implementing the right technology. Multiple Locations, Multiple Challenges Initially, Jackson and his team worked tirelessly to pull payroll from their DMS—sometimes twice a month. And each time, Jackson devoted hours to manually adjusting payroll for 250- plus employees, across eight states, while having to consider new legislation, varying laws across state lines, paid sick leave, and more. Lawley Auto Group has partnered with the hiring and recruiting experts at Hireology, who mentioned an exciting new Payroll provider, Netchex. After learning that this new technology included powerful DMS integration with Dealertrack DMS, Jackson was eager to jump on board. A New Solution Proves Integrated Tech is a Big Win Integrated Payroll/HR Management, powered by Netchex, fully integrates with Dealertrack DMS, reducing friction points like manual re-entry and redundant logins. For Jackson and his team, the time-saving impact was immediate. The auto group's once full- time payroll employee now works part-time and is able to spend more of her time and energy focused on other important human resources matters. As for Jackson, instead of spending his days revising reports and re-inputting data, he's now free to be more flexible and productive.

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