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For more information, visit BUDD BAER AUTO GROUP WINS BACK TIME AND EFFICIENCY Budd Baer Auto Group prides itself on running a streamlined and efficient auto business in Washington, PA. With four franchises across three facilities and many teams and members to manage, General Manager Bryan Baer has a lot on his plate at any given time. And, when it comes to the accounting, Bryan takes a hands-on approach to the numbers. With a background in MIS and a data-driven mindset, Bryan often jumps in to tackle some of the more complicated reports that tie up his controller's bandwidth. "I have a degree in MIS. Data manipulation is something I feel that I am very good at," he explains. Yet, carving out days at a time to run reports that took his focus away from running his dealership wasn't ideal. Budd Baer Auto Group needed a payroll solution that could meet their needs and deliver faster, more efficient reporting for their accounting team. In the beginning of 2020, Dealertrack DMS delivered an advanced technology solution to several key dealerships. By leveraging the best-in-class technology from our partners at Netchex and integrating a new Payroll system directly through the DMS, dealers could now implement process improvements across their entire human resources department and deliver better reporting functionality to save time, reduce errors, and improve accountability. Challenges: • Budd Baer Auto Group was losing time each month running complex custom reporting algorithms. • Bryan Baer, General Manager, was stepping in to ease the heavy lifting of some of the more complicated accounting processes. • This dealership needed a faster, more efficient Payroll solution that could meet their needs and reduce time loss and risk. Results: • Accounting and HR teams save hours of time while processing payroll reports several times month. • Budd Baer Auto Group can process custom reporting resulting in upgraded process improvements across the dealership group. • Bryan Baer's accounting team has more time to meet goals and master the market. Solutions: • Dealertrack DMS has partnered with the experts at Netchex to deliver a best-in-class technology solution. • Payroll by Netchex integrates seamlessly through the DMS to drive process improvements within your organization. • The strategic partnership with the engineering experts at Netchex provides powerful accounting technology for your dealership. "We used to have to custom report or hand- create reports. And now we can just click download and five minutes later we're onto the next task. If I had to guess, we won back three to four labor days in a month." — Bryan Baer General Manager, Budd Baer Auto Group with new Integrated Payroll by Netchex, delivered through Dealertrack DMS.

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