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FIND A DMS PARTNER THAT CHECKS ALL THE RIGHT BOXES. Start by asking the right questions. When it comes to finding the right Dealer Management System (DMS) for your franchise dealership, one thing is likely: you've got questions. This checklist includes questions you should consider when choosing the right technology to run your dealership. • Start with section one and ask questions as a team, internally. • Section two contains key decision-making variables to ask potential DMS partners before you make the switch. Remember: Find the right-sized DMS partner who meets your needs, first. Section 01: Internal Decision Making Ask the following questions internally and get on the same page before your meet with a new DMS partner or sign another contract. DMS STRUCTURE & FUNCTION Are we currently under contract with our current DMS provider? If so, what is our contract end date? How far out do we need to plan to make a change? INTEGRATION CAPABILITY How many third party vendors are we partnering with currently? How much are we paying in integration fees with our current DMS provider? If we switch to a new DMS, will we be able to integrate with our choice of third-party vendors? DMS DATA ACCESS & FEES Will we lose our customer data if we switch? Do we understand what data will and will not be available to be converted by our new provider? Is our data going to be secure, backed up, and available upon request with our new provider? USER WORKFLOWS Does our current DMS attract the next generation of new hires who are interested in developing their careers in technology-driven fields? (Or the opposite?) Is our current DMS limiting the potential candidates that we can hire?

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