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1 dealers-will-pay-up-for-vendors-data-access-after-cdk-switch 2 The benchmark for third-party DMS integration. Opentrack Affordable Flexibility Trusted Security 10 points of integration is the average number used by partners. 800 + dealerships connected by the largest vendor. 130 active vendors. $ 450 /mo was saved on CRM by one dealer who just simply switched DMS providers. 1 22.5M requests sent per day. 7,360 Partner/Dealer connections. 0 dealership data breaches on Opentrack's secure data storage solution. 13 publicly disclosed dealership data breaches in the industry since 2005. 2 Opentrack $ 5,000 /mo Estimated DMS cost, some of which should be going to security. $ 25 – 500 /mo Estimated additional hidden vendor access fees, per vendor. 10 pts Average number of integration points used by partners. 28 pts Most integration points used by partners. Total integration points narrowed down to 1 [27 fewer points of failure]. Solution Group DMS Version V104132016 Page 01/01 Product Sales Sheet DMS Opentrack

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