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For more information, visit FERNANDEZ HONDA INCREASES OPERATIONAL EFFICIENCY WITH A NEW DMS In the competitive San Antonio auto sales market, Fernandez Honda relies on superior customer service to stand out from the crowd. The dealership also strives to find hidden operational efficiencies to increase profits and get a leg up on the competition. So, when the company's DMS provider started to hinder business operations, Fernandez turned to Dealertrack DMS. With easy, anywhere access to data and reports, Dealertrack DMS has allowed Fernandez to work smarter instead of harder, while maintaining a consistent focus on customers. Fernandez also appreciates how easily and inexpensively Dealertrack integrates with a variety of third- party vendors. Perhaps most important of all, Fernandez appreciates that Dealertrack matches its own commitment to service and support. The dealership has built valued and trusting personal relationships with members of Dealertrack's support team, exactly the way Fernandez chooses to do business with its own customers. Challenges: • Fernandez's previous DMS provider was expensive and inefficient. • Fernandez needed better access to data to increase efficiency and profits. • The dealership wanted a technology partner that matched its own commitment to customer service. Results: • Fernandez takes advantage of the cost savings and improved efficiencies from using Dealertrack to focus on the customer experience and stay competitive. • Fast, anywhere access to data and simple third-party integration has allowed Fernandez to increase operational efficiency. • Fernandez has built valued and trusting personal relationships with members of Dealertrack's support team. Solutions: • Fernandez takes advantage of Dealertrack's easy and inexpensive integration features with a variety of third-party vendors. • Dealertrack allows the dealership to work smarter with easy, anywhere access to data. • Instead of connecting with a phone bank, Fernandez speaks with real people at Dealertrack when support-related issues arise. "I trust Dealertrack because anytime I've had something that didn't go the way I thought it was going to go, I have a person that I reach out to, not a phone bank." - Joy Box, Controller, Fernandez Honda

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