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For more information, visit INVESTING IN TECHNOLOGY AND PEOPLE GIVES ISLAND AUTOMOTIVE COMPETITIVE EDGE Happy employees make for a better-run business. That's the motto that drives Island Automotive Group in Long Island, New York. They take great pride in caring for their employees and believe businesses grow by investing in their workers. Now, with 15 rooftops to manage and a growing team of employees, choosing a DMS provider that appeals to their employees and makes their jobs easier and more efficient is priority number one. After researching multiple providers, Island Automotive Group chose Dealertrack DMS, primarily for its cost effectiveness and ease of use. The DMS integrates seamlessly and inexpensively with a variety of third-party vendors, giving the company more options. And Dealertrack's easy-to- navigate, point-and-click system allows managers to generate custom reports quickly and simply. AN INVESTMENT IN THE FUTURE. As a growing company, Island Automotive expects each of their newly acquired dealerships to turn a profit. That's where Dealertrack DMS comes in. Each time the company purchases a new store, Dealertrack DMS provides a team of people to train their staff members, making them feel comfortable with the system before leaving. For Island Automotive, the switch to Dealertrack DMS was an investment in the employees and the company's future. "Dealertrack DMS is a better system. It's more cost effective, it's easier to use, and our employees like it. To me, that's what a DMS is all about." —-Marcello Sciarrano, Partner, Island Automotive Group Challenges: • Integrate technology solutions that empower their employees. • Invest in tools, time, and talent at each dealership to ensure profitability. • Seamlessly integrate systems with third- party vendors. Solutions: • With an easy-to-use platform, Dealertrack DMS increases operational efficiency. • Dealertrack DMS is more cost effective than other technology. • Seamless integration with third-party vendors gives Island Automotive more options. Results: • Dealertrack DMS saves Island Automotive money allowing each of their stores to hit target profit goals. • Exceptional ease-of-use results in happier and more efficient workers for the Island Automotive team. • Strong support from Dealertrack DMS, with in-person training and on-site visits, ensures each employee is comfortable with the technology.

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