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October 18, 2016 Kurt Olnhausen

Kurt OlnHausen, VP of Operations at Dealertrack DMS. At the end of the day, car dealers are in business to do two things  sell and service cars. Having to worry about emerging technology and how that technology helps to further those pursuits, though important, isn't the top priority and often results in a shift of focus away from the dealer's main objectives. 

In my experience, car dealers are looking for an experienced, tech-savvy organization to sit down with them and proactively work to benefit their business. They are looking for more than a system provider. They want someone to optimize the use of that system within their operations and according to their processes. 

High Touch Experience

Dealership management systems (DMS) enable car dealers to solve problems and improve their operations. But DMS platforms are also very complex. The dealer's ability to absorb, digest, and use the technology is limited because most lack the expertise and don't have time to learn the complexities of the platforms. 

Working with a tech provider that is committed to extending a helping hand to take those technologies across the usage barrier is essential. This means ensuring that dealerships use the technology in an effective manner to achieve desired results  higher CSI, more revenue, and more profits. 

Role of Client Services

When a dealership encounters a problem, or has questions about its DMS, client services departments need to provide a solution quickly and efficiently. Yet most DMS providers have shifted their business models away from client services in order to achieve higher profit margins. They have realized that taking care of the client is an expensive, people-intensive operation. 

Dealertrack DMS is moving in the opposite direction. As the Vice President of Operations at Dealertrack DMS, I have seen an increased focus on client services within the company  a commitment to work with the dealer during implementation and beyond. As an example, Dealertrack DMS is creating performance adviser positions and challenging them with the responsibility of improving the performance of clients' operations. In every way possible, Dealertrack DMS is working to provide quick, helpful, and personal service to its dealership partners. 

At the end of the day, a dealership's top priorities are selling and servicing cars. Car dealers shouldn't be forced to fend for themselves when it comes to technology. By partnering with a DMS provider with high-tech experience and a commitment to client services, new technology will enable them to thrive – increasing efficiency, improving operations, and returning the focus to what matters most. 


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Kurt Olnhausen

Kurt Olnhausen is the VP of Operations at Dealertrack DMS.

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