Big Two Toyota Case Study

April 13, 2017

Big Two Automotive Group: Achieving Results with the Latest Technologies

When you work in the automotive industry, time is your most valuable asset. Not only that, but is very valuable to your customers as well. If you are busy worrying about how your dealership’s technology systems work, you can’t focus on taking care of your clients. In order to fully understand and leverage your dealership’s technology you need training and support from your technology provider.

Prior to its adoption of Dealertrack DMS, Big Two Automotive Group had been on a legacy DMS for more than 20 years. Eventually, the company grew unhappy with the product and its capabilities. More importantly, Big Two was dissatisfied with the level of customer service being provided. After making the switch, Big Two benefited from the training and customer service provided by Dealertrack DMS. Because they have a better understanding of the system, they are able to take full advantage of the open, modular platform, simple interface and real-time data that the system provides.

Watch their story above to learn more about how Big Two Automotive leverages the latest technologies with Dealertrack DMS

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